Issue 60 | September 2019

                            Toma? ?alamun, Virginia Konchan, Garry Howze, Joseph Schreiber, and more

                            Conversations: Toma? ?alamun and Daniel Nester

                            An interview between Toma? ?alamun and Daniel Nester.

                            Subject to Change: On Not Having, or Being, it All

                            The word queer has gone through many transformations since it emerged in the 16th century. Originally, it meant “strange,” or “peculiar”: associated meanings included a feeling of unwellness or something…

                            A View From the Mountain

                            Peer into any of a hundred human hearts;you are sure to find, spun whole, thosemoments buried in the new growth of timepassing; the far-into-the-night-early-dawnexchanges, falling-outs and reconciliations,the wrestle with words…

                            Change the world, not yourself, or how Arendt called out Thoreau

                            Thoreau’s theory of civil disobedience inspired some of the world’s greatest political thinkers. Not Hannah Arendt.

                            “The rope that keeps me from floundering”: On Michel Leiris

                            First exhibited at the 1865 Paris Salon, Olympia by édouard Manet, was immediately greeted with shock and outrage. The response was so virulent that, as contemporary journalist Antonin Proust later…

                            The Scandalous Confessions of a Lesbian Formalist Poet

                            I am saying that you must be a poet, because you are asking so many questions.

                            Two translated essays by Suzanne Br?gger

                            “Happiness is losing something” and “Who needs witches?” translated by Michael Goldman.

                            Consider the Octopus: On Brenda Shaughnessy

                            What better symbol for the middle aged woman—for the middle aged woman writer?

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